Unique Island Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a place of aromatic, natural and cultural abundance: A popular travel destination where locals, expats, tourists and animals coexist in harmony.

The Taste

Masala meets farmers market

What gives Zanzibar its special flavor is the abundance of aromatic flora that grows here. Spices such as black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger are the most commonly exported products. Locally they are being used in flavorful dishes like pilau, masala or curry.

Passionate fisherman, go out humbly equipped on their traditional dhows to catch fresh fish daily. Tuna, king fish or dorado are amongst the delicacies to be enjoyed in restaurants all around the Island.

Every morning local women carefully harvest seaweed from their farms in the ocean, which later is manufac- tured into wonderful products such as shampoo and creams. And guess what? On Zanzibar searching for the farmers market won’t be necessary. Fresh fruits and vegetables are consistent goods on the Island and de- fine and inspire the residents’ relationship to food and nutrition. Smoothies, juices, stews, soups are among the flavorsome meals that get their signature Zanzibari taste finished off with freshly squeezed limes, chillies from the backyard or hearty ginger.


“Pole pole“ meets Watersports

One of many reasons that make Zanzibar a popular travel destination and attractive focus for investors is the continuously growing tourism, which increased fivefold in the past 20 years. A vivid mix of Kitesurfers, cultural enthusiasts, divers, driven entrepreneurs and restauranteurs continue to discover Zanzibar as their playground and enrich the Island socially and economically.

New exciting projects are happening everywhere: from female empowering local fashion brands over home-made kimchi and kombucha all the way to extreme sports and a growing nightlife. It’s blooming and booming in this historically rich place where locals, expats, tourists and animals coexist in harmony. Leisure activities are expanding while spiritual seekers, digital nomads and many realize their business visions on the Island. An increasingly diverse and unique lifestyle is enhancing the relaxing rhythm of Zanzibar.


Visiting meets staying

Zanzibar, despite its consistently growing tourism, is not dominated by invasive touristic structure that is known to overshadow the essence of a peaceful getaway destination. As opposed to other tourist hotspots, the Island still upholds a strong sense of authenticity and tradition that TUTAM is keen to cherish and sustain.

One of the key areas of investment in Zanzibar is tourism. The island’s stunning beaches, coral reefs, and historic sites have made it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. This has created a demand for high-quality accommodation and other tourism-related infrastructure. With the government’s commitment to promoting tourism, there are many incentives and opportunities for investors to get involved in this sector. Many people visiting Zanzibar return and look for a home. Finding mid or long-term accommodation that allows an intact family and private life is a growing economic demand. The TUTAM neighborhood responds to that demand, fostering connections of returning residents. We offer residences ideally suitable for midterm stays, thoughtfully equipped based on experience,

Swahili, Arabic & English 


Time zone:
GMT + 3

Permanent inhabitants:

Surface area:
1658 km²

Average temperature:
summer: 36 °C | winter: 26 °C


The Upepo Villa boasts a contemporary, coastal-themed design and spans over two levels, providing 3 en suite bedrooms to host your loved ones.It includes, an expansive open-plan living area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a breathtaking 58.56m2 patio, a lush garden, and a 54.3m2 infinity swimming pool. The floor-to-ceiling windows infuse the interior with natural light and accentuate the breathtaking ocean vistas.


Experience the DHOW Bungalow, a spacious 3-bedroom residence designed for 6 people, with 156.1 m2 of living area.  The ground floor comprises two separate buildings connected by a 49.74m2 terrace, with a lush garden providing the perfect outdoor living space. Inside, you’ll find two 12.9m2 bedrooms, one 21.81m2 en-suite bedroom, a 25.37m2 open kitchen and living area, a utility room, and a bathroom. The 29.29m2 rooftop terrace offers breathtaking ocean views.


The ground floor of the bungalow comprises two buildings connected by a 49.74m2 terrace, which provides an outside living area and a private pool set within a lush garden. The main building features two 12.9m2 bedrooms and one 21.81m2 en-suite bedroom with a bathroom each. The second building features a 25.37m2 open kitchen and living area, a utility room, and a bathroom. The 29.29m2 first floor terrace offers stunning ocean views, ideal for yoga, meditation, or any leisure activity. Total living area is 176.6 m2.